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         Sat, Apr 15, 6:00pm
         AWAY vs Team Canada Mixed
         Location: Winona Park (grass) in Vancouver, BC
        *Cascades Cup roster* 
          -- We'll leave at 1pm from the Green Lake Park-and-Ride (in cars)
          -- Warm up at 4:30pm for a 5:30pm game time
          -- Informal game / scrimmage; WFDF rules.
          -- Return to Seattle at ~11pm on Saturday night.
          -- Game location: Winona Park (grass)
          -- You must have a passport (or super special ID?) to cross the border.


Sat, Apr 22, 6:00pm
AWAY @ Vancouver Riptide
Swangard Stadium in Vancouver, BC

-- Meet at 11:45am at Green Lake Park-and-Ride. The van leaves at noon!
-- We'll travel in one 15-pers van + cars (gas reimbursed)
-- 45min pit stop at Spring Reign for throwing with kids. Player responsibilities:
    (a) Throw with 10+ different kids
    (b) Bring up the topic of gender equity with 5+ kids. Share & listen.
    (c) Bring up the topic of arbitration with 5+ kids. Share & listen.
     * If kids ask for flyers, send them to Xtehn or the Cascades van.

-- Travel to Swangard Stadium: 3883 Imperial St, Burnaby BC
-- Parking will be available in the main stadium parking East of the stadium
-- The Away Team room will be in the building directly underneath the stands. Access from field level. Locker Rooms C/D will be labeled visiting team. The team rooms have snacks, an electrolyte drink, bathrooms, showers(some towels provided), and plenty of seats.
-- Locker rooms by 4:30pm for a 6:00pm game

5:42 Teams leave field
5:58 Game Presentation Begins
6:00 Welcome
6:00 Officials Intro
6:00 Visiting Team Intro
6:02 Home team Intro
6:04 Anthems
6:07 1st Pull

When the teams have finished their handshake line up, both teams face the fans together for an awards presentation.

-- Stop in Burlington on the way home.
-- Return to Seattle at ~11pm on Saturday night, or later if do a team dinner in VAN