We envision a future for ultimate that includes all genders competing at the highest level of our sport, with equal opportunities, equal coverage, and equal compensation. We envision a future that is accessible and affordable to brand new and experienced players, all over the country. Our ideal image of ultimate is ethnically and racially diverse at the professional, recreational, and youth levels. We see communities that are inclusive and supportive - people with different backgrounds and belief systems working together to grow our sport in a sustainable way.



Seattle Cascades stands for integrity, community, and athletic excellence. Our mission is to build a sustainable organization that benefits the Seattle community and the sport of ultimate as a whole. We are a hard-working group of individuals with an excellent product that inspires impressive competition and great sportspersonship.



As we work to build an outstanding ultimate program, we carry with us a set of core values: integrity, community, and athletic excellence.

As a subset of these core values, we believe in a world where integrity and athletic excellence go hand in hand, and male and female athletes have equal value and opportunity to compete.

To get there we have to reshape societal norms around gender, sports, and honorable competition. We’re making progress on this vision by focusing on officiation and gender issues in our sport. Through our partners, sponsors, athletes, and community we are excited to play a role in building a better sport, not just a bigger one.