These players are invited to attend the SECOND/FINAL round of Seattle Cascades tryouts on Feb 3rd:


Adam Jemal
Alex Grey
Alyson Horton
AT Chang
Bert Abbott
Cam Bailey
Cameron Baker
CB Wolf
Charlie Eide
Charlie Mercer
Chris Roach
Daniel Yuen
Derek Mourad
Derek Van Whye
Donnie Clark
Eddie Harmoush
Emily Zukowski
Grant Zukowski
Gyorgy Aponte
Henry Schneider
Jack Brown
Jeff Brandle
Jeremy Doyle

Jessica Spaulding
John Quandt
Keegan Taggart
Kenny Lawler
Kodi Smart
Laura Manson
Laura Noges
Manny Eckert
Mikey Cavanaugh
Morgan Higgins
Nick Mahan
Nick Roberts
Peter Geertz-Larson
Quentin Harrison
Reed Hendrickson
Robby Anderst
Ryan Segal
Sarah "CO" Davis
Shane Worthington
Taylor Hartman
William Coffin
Wiro Wink
Zach Jackson

The 2018 Seattle Cascades roster will be announced the following week, after the Selection Committee finishes making decisions.

Seattle Cascades 2018 Selection Committee:
Mark Burton, Rohre Titcomb, Xtehn Titcomb



  • There are additional players who are in the tryout pool, but who are not competing in the Feb 3rd tryout.
  • If you'd like more info about the 2018 Cascades teams, players, or tryout process, email Xtehn <> with your question(s).