These male players who tried out at the 2017 Combine are advancing to the SECOND/FINAL round of Tryouts, Feb 10-11:


Aldous Root
Alex Duffel
Andrew Lynch
Andrew Russell
Ben Snell
Benjamin Beehner
Brad Houser
Bryson Uhrig Fox
Cam Bailey
CB Wolf
Chad McDonnell
Chris Bubernak
Daniel Felipe Montoya Giraldo
Donnie Clark
Evan Klein
Jesse Bolton
John Quandt
John Randolph
Keegan Taggart
Khalif El-salaam
Mario O'Brien
Mark Burton
Matthew Russell
Mike Cavanaugh
Peter Ostergaard
Robbie Farwell
Robert Geer
Ryan Segal
Ryan Sturm
Sam Landesberg
Sam Pickel
Seth Johnson
Shane Worthington
Thomas Kulczak
Tommy Li
Will Herold
Zach Jackson
Zack Smith

In addition, there will be players at Feb 10-11 tryouts who did not attend the Combine but are still in the tryout pool.

The 2017 Cascades roster will be announced the following week, after the Selection Committee finishes making decisions.