These players who tried out at the 2017 Combine and/or Feb 10-11 Tryouts are advancing to the FINAL round of Cascades Cup Tryouts, to be held on Feb 23rd:


Abbie Abramovich*
Alex Fussell
Alex Ode
Alexa Kirkland
Alyson Horton
Alyssa Kelly
Anna Chute
Ari Lozano
AT Chang
Bailey Zahniser
Bert Abbott
Charlie Eide
Drew Johnson
Hana Kawai
Kelly Johnson*
Lani Nguyen
Lexi Garrity
Lindsay Simon Fox
Lucie Williams
Molly McKeon
Sarah Davis

* Late tryout granted. Updated 2/22, XT


The 2017 Cascades Cup roster will be announced the within the following week, after the Selection Committee finishes making decisions.