Spencer Wallis


Birth Date: 11/12/1984

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 185

Status: 2nd Year

College: University of Oregon

Past Teams:
Sockeye, Voodoo, Rhino, 
Ego, MoHo, Disc Jockeys

Season Goals Assists Blocks
2016 3 2 1

"Heading into the 2016 Cascades season, I am tremendously excited to play and grow the sport of ultimate in Seattle. I enjoy playing with the Cascades because we dedicate ourselves to excellence on the field, while embracing a fun-infused team culture and brand of ultimate. I love my Cascades teammates, and the work we put in together is highly gratifying. We have a year of experience and know-how under our belt, which I believe will be reflected in the construction of our culture, on-field preparation, training, and outreach with the community. A major part of that outreach means working towards gender equity in ultimate, within the confines of the AUDL's structure. This will necessarily be an on-going challenge that the team is excited to take on. I play ultimate for the competition, camaraderie, and for the rare moment when the disc is in the air -- when everything else in the world momentarily disappears, and the only thing left is the opportunity to make a play."