Sam Harkness


Birth Date: 7/7/1986

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 150

Status: 3rd Year

Past Teams:
Sockeye, Voodoo, Rainmakers, 
Nathan Hale, MoHo

"My thoughts on pro ultimate: I'm on the field to compete, win games, contribute to a positive team culture and play a financially stress free season as a respected athlete. Off the field, I want to help make the previous statement as an option that is accessible to everyone and anyone who plays ultimate. I hope to help by starting within my own community as a Cascades player to encourage my teammates to be ambassadors for social justice/change. I hope to have the hard conversations to try to figure out how the Cascades can help change and support a sport so that it serves more than just the racial, financial and gender privileged. That being said, I appreciate the Cascades' owners for taking a seat at the table and making statements surrounding social justice on the public side of things."