Teaching Resources:

Beginning Ultimate: Gym Class Ultimate Frisbee

Advanced Ultimate: FlikUlti

Expert Throwing Analysis Services: Kyle Weisbrod, head coach of University of Washington's women's ultimate team, Element, provides personalized throwing analysis via video

All-Levels: RiseUp Ultimate, A huge library of instructional videos covering everything from basic throwing and catching to advanced defensive strategies.

Youth Ultimate website: Youth Ultimate, Coaches, parents, and players sharing K-12 ultimate news, ideas, and even more resources.

Opportunities to Play:

Cascades Academy: Clinics and Events, Serving players 3rd - 12th grade. Come learn with the pros! Seattle Cascades, Seattle Riot, & Ren Fitness run clinics once/month in the spring.

Friday Night Lights, Clinics and Events, The Seattle Cascades host "Friday Night Lights", a community-wide Hat Tournament under the lights of Memorial Stadium. The 5-v-5 mixed tournament will take place on specific Fridays and is open to all those 16 years of age and older. All skill levels are encouraged to attend.

DiscNW youth: DiscNW, Your go-to site for all things ultimate in the wider Seattle area. DiscNW sponsors several co-ed and single-gender camps, leagues, tournaments, and other opportunities for youth players ranging in age from elementary school to high school. In fact, DiscNW boasts some of the largest youth leagues anywhere, and the largest youth tournament in the world, Spring Reign. 

DiscNW summer camps: DiscNW, Summer camp options for youth

Disc NW adult/college: DiscNW, Adult teams, leagues, tournaments, fun!

Team Ultimate Camp: Team Ultimate Camp, Middle school Ultimate Frisbee camps for school programs. U12 Summer and Fall Club Leagues.

Youth Calendar: TUC- youth calendar, listing of local youth events. Very good!

Seven Hills Ultimate Club: Seven Hills, High-level offseason (Nov-March) training opportunity for players in Middle – High School. Great players, great coaches, great Ultimate. 

Opportunities to Watch:

Come to a professional game! Check out the Seattle Cascades schedule, pro tip - seriously great discounts are available for school or team groups of 10 or more.

Seattle Riot, the top women's club team in Seattle and a perennial contender at the National and International level. They have a number of showcase events coming up. See the schedule here.

Need Discs?

Five Ultimate: Discs, all white, available asap, save on shipping by picking up at downtown warehouse, 2610 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

Misprint bulk orders for teams: J Star discs - 145 grams, Ultra Star discs - 175 grams

Soft discs: Fun Gripper, Foam Disc

Aria Ultimate: the newest disc in town, Aria Ultimate, Bonus! For each ARIA disc purchased, a disc is donated to an organization that is using ultimate as a tool for social change. Available soon.

Ultimate Frisbee Spirit Games:

Whether to decompress with your opponent after an intense game, break the ice and learn names on a new team, or to end practice on a silly/fun note, team-building games are common in ultimate.  Here are some that are particularly good at engaging everyone and eliciting a lot of laughter:

  • Greatest Fan (video example)
    • Random pairs introduce themselves to each other and play rock-paper-scissors (akaroshambo, rochambeau) by saying “1, 2, 3, shoot!”; loser gets behind winner and chants winner’s name as they find & challenge another winner; continue until a champion emerges!
  • Mingle (video example)
    • “Choose a facilitator & 3 poses (ideally related to a team name & each requiring 2, 3, or 4 people for each pose). Walk aimlessly around with the other team singing “mingle, mingle, mingle” until the facilitator calls out a pose. Quickly find other people to do the pose with you. If you have no group or you’re the last group to form, the facilitator will call you out! The last 2 players win!”  — adapted from FiveUltimate list
  • Earth-Eyes (aka “Down-up”) (verbal description)
  • Wah (verbal descriptionvideo example)
  • Ship Wreck (verbal descriptionvideo example)
  • Tiny Tanks
    • Everyone circles up, gets on all fours, and on the count of three, everybody has to crawl to the other side of the circle without stopping or changing direction.

For many more ideas, check out the Five Ultimate “master list” of spirit games.

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