#17 niall mccarthy

Birth Date: 10/30/1990

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 162

Status: 1st year

Past Teams: University of Limerick, Rebel, PELT, Ireland National Team

"I'm from Ireland and have been playing Ultimate for about 8 years. I started in college in the University of Limerick, then moved on to my club team - PELT, and have been on various Irish national teams since captaining the U23s in 2013. I'd describe myself as a very competitive player and someone who is always trying to improve and compete at the highest level, and I can't wait to do this with the Cascades. I'm really looking forward to moving to Seattle, as the city has a rich Ultimate history and a really high standard of play, as well as holding true to the fundamental ideas behind Ultimate and what makes it unique. I hope I can make a significant contribution to the team and the community and help make it a successful season."