The top talent in Seattle: Cascades and Sockeye PARTNER in 2015


We're excited to announce that the Seattle Cascades and Seattle Sockeye are partnering for the 2015 AUDL season. Though these two teams compete in different leagues, the benefit of working together is mutual: developing the top talent in Seattle so that both teams can compete at the highest level.

The Seattle Cascades regular season runs from April to July and includes games against the other cities on the West coast that comprise the American Ultimate Disc League: Los Angeles, San Diego, Salt Lake City, San Jose, San Francisco, and Vancouver.

Seattle Sockeye competes in the USA Ultimate Triple Crown Tour which runs from July to October. The elite teams in the tour span the entire United States and Canada. Sockeye also competes at the international level - the team represented the United States at World Ultimate Championships in 2008, 2010 and 2014.

While the final details of this partnership are still being worked out, Cascades and Sockeye leadership will be working together to help create the Cascades roster at the conclusion of the Cascades CombineJan 30-31. While there will be many current Sockeye players joining the Cascades, a significant number of Cascades roster positions will be offered to players who show promise during the Cascades tryout process, regardless of club team affiliation. Ultimately, both teams look forward to finding and developing Seattle's best players.

Xtehn Titcomb
Seattle Cascades General Manager

Matthew Rehder, Phil Murray, Reid Koss, Spencer Wallis
Seattle Sockeye Captains

"I'm excited that we're working together to develop ultimate in the Seattle community and that we're getting a chance to compete against the top players in the AUDL West." 

- Phil Murray, Seattle Sockeye Captain

"This is going to be a good thing for Seattle ultimate. Collaborating on the roster will take careful thinking and planning, and we'll need to make some difficult decisions. That said, I'm happy to be tackling the job with Matt, Phil, Reid, and Spencer." 

- Xtehn Titcomb, Seattle Cascades GM

"The partnership is going to make the Seattle ultimate community stronger, and impact the sport as a whole in a positive way. I look forward to seeing both the Cascades and Sockeye kick butt this year!"

 - Qxhna Titcomb, Seattle Cascades Owner


LOGO unveiled!


The Cascades are a beautiful mountain range that extends from southern British Columbia through Washington and Oregon to Northern California. Since their first recorded exploration in the late 18th century by George Vancouver and his team, the Cascades have been filled with both history and folklore. Our logo reflects the strength, mystery, and vitality of the Cascades.

Not only do the Cascades house the epic Mount Rainier and infamous Mount St. Helens, they are also the home of what many people have described as a race of “large, hairy, bipedal humanoids”, or more commonly known as the Sasquatch. Within days of announcing the Seattle Cascades, one such creature, who we tenderly named Casey the Sasquatch, left the treacherous wilderness of the mountain range for the metropolitan climates of downtown Seattle. Casey has since become the face of the Seattle Cascades. Casey’s Sasquatch eyes stand out as they actively keep watch over Seattle and strike fear into its opponents.

Seattle is the best city for Ultimate in the world and we are proud to represent the Northwest in the American Ultimate Disc League!