LOGO unveiled!


The Cascades are a beautiful mountain range that extends from southern British Columbia through Washington and Oregon to Northern California. Since their first recorded exploration in the late 18th century by George Vancouver and his team, the Cascades have been filled with both history and folklore. Our logo reflects the strength, mystery, and vitality of the Cascades.

Not only do the Cascades house the epic Mount Rainier and infamous Mount St. Helens, they are also the home of what many people have described as a race of “large, hairy, bipedal humanoids”, or more commonly known as the Sasquatch. Within days of announcing the Seattle Cascades, one such creature, who we tenderly named Casey the Sasquatch, left the treacherous wilderness of the mountain range for the metropolitan climates of downtown Seattle. Casey has since become the face of the Seattle Cascades. Casey’s Sasquatch eyes stand out as they actively keep watch over Seattle and strike fear into its opponents.

Seattle is the best city for Ultimate in the world and we are proud to represent the Northwest in the American Ultimate Disc League!