#14 Matt Rehder 


Birth Date: 7/18/1991

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 207

Status: 2nd Year
2015 Team Leader in D's

Past Teams:
Sockeye, NexGen, Rainmakers, Roosevelt Rough Riders

Season Goals Assists Blocks
2016 13 8 3

"I can't wait to begin my Sophomore season with the Cascades. Last year was a great experience for the whole team collectively, let alone for us as individuals. It's always exciting to get to play in front of a crowd, especially one full of supportive fans such as we have. The energy our fans bring to games is by far the most enticing part of playing in the AUDL again this year. Can't wait to step out under the lights in Memorial Stadium, only to see the iconic Space Needle loom over us as we battle to find a spot at the Western Division Championship."