Here are the people who are currently making it happen! If you'd like to get in touch with one of us, shoot us an email.


Xtehn Titcomb
General Manager

Alex Axworthy

Monica Johnson
Youth Outreach

Linde R. Behringer

Bryan Rhodes

Casey the Sasquatch
Seattle Cascades Mascot


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Born and raised in Seattle, we are five siblings with a passion for fun, competition, and building stuff. We believe in Ultimate, in the community it has engendered, in the fans it has inspired, and in the athletic excellence that continues to develop season over season. We believe in Seattle and the incredible people and landscape that make this city special. We are thrilled to bring our passion for our city and our sport together as the owners of The Seattle Cascades.

In 2006, we founded Five Ultimate together. Today, the organization is a global ultimate apparel brand. The Seattle Cascades franchise is run separately and independently from Five Ultimate: different companies, different staff, and different leadership. Meanwhile, we hope that the same passion and inclusiveness that Five has been able to bring to the Ultimate community over the years will shine in the Seattle Cascades. 

Zahlen has played internationally over the years. Xtehn has been a player for Chicago Machine and Seattle Sockeye, and is now in Seattle as the General Manager of the Seattle Cascades. Vehro played for Seattle Sockeye and Rohre is both a player and captain for Seattle Riot. Together, Vehro and Rohre form the executive team for Five Ultimate. Qxhna graduated from Tufts University and plays for Seattle Riot.

To the future of ultimate, community, integrity, sportsmanship, and competition,

Zahlen, Xtehn, Vehro, Rohre, and Qxhna