#42 Cam Smith-Bailey


Birth Date: 7/22/1986

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165

Status: 2nd Year

College: Central Washington University

Past Teams:
Mixtape, Rainmakers, Raptors

"What a treat, not long ago Phil and I were hustling out at Fort Dent, and it didn’t get much bigger than Tuesday afternoon pickup. Now, I’m gonna be playing in front of a few people who came to support us. I get to fly to places and play some ball. It still feels kinda dumb, but I cherish every moment. Cascades give me such a sweet opportunity, and I hope I can bang out, make the reel once or twice, and get buckets in the AUDL. I just wanna make this look gooooooooood."

LETTER TO FANS, regarding the Gender Equity Movement and the decision to return to the Cascades for the 2018 season.